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How to Find Relevant and Authoritative Media to Promote Your Content or Product

How to Find Relevant and Authoritative Media to Promote Your Content or Product


No matter how brilliant and optimized your recent content is, and no matter how valuable your new product can be for its users, they both require promotion to reach your audience.

With so many websites, forums and social media out there, finding the places where your target audience belongs can be a real struggle. Assessing their authority and potential reach is another challenge.

Using the Brand Monitoring tool and online mentions, you can quickly identify the most authoritative media to promote your content or product. 

How can this be done?

  • First, decide which topics (keywords) you want to monitor. 
    • If you want to promote a content piece on a topic, think of a core keyword that describes the topic your copy covers (e.g. your article is titled ‘How to create SEO friendly content’, so your core topics may be ‘SEO friendly content’ or ‘content optimization’).
    • If you want to promote a product, think of a user problem your product solves or a value it brings (e.g. your product is a collaboration tool, so your topic would be ‘time management tactics’) or a general denomination of product like yours (e.g. ‘productivity tools’ or ‘time management tools’).
  • Go to Brand Monitoring and enter a topic on which you want to find mentions.
  • Select up to 10 countries you would like to track your mentions in. You can filter for a specific language anytime after the mentions are collected.
  • Go to the ‘Mentions’ tab and adjust your filtering: set a high authority score (70+ or less) and reach (20,000+ or less). You have a list of authoritative domains with high traffic.

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  • Analyze each domain one by one, check if they’re media or if they have a blog (at this step you may encounter some of your most successful competitors).

Next Steps

When you have a list of relevant and authoritative media for your audience, you may use the following techniques:

  • Before going any further, check partnership conditions on their website and find out how you can publish your content on their platform or how you can advertise your product.
  • Reach out to them and tell them about your content or product. Comply with their conditions as mentioned above.
  • If you don’t have enough time to create exclusive content, see if you can syndicate your own blog content. Reach out to the media and offer some of your syndicated posts to expand your reach.