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Why do I see "SERP not found" in Keyword Overview?

Why do I see "SERP not found" in Keyword Overview?


If metrics for a keyword can be found in the Keyword Overview report, but not the SERP, most likely this is because a keyword is included in our Keyword database, but not in our Domain Analytics database. SERP analysis is available only for those keywords that are in our Domain Analytics database, and in general our Keyword database is bigger than our Domain Analytics database.

The other reason for this could be that a keyword is merged with other keywords. In order to follow Google trends, our tool "collapses" similar keywords into one (usually the most generic and in singular form). All metrics for merged keywords are the same, but SERP only appears for the main keyword.

In both cases there is a workaround solution: you can get the SERP data by updating the SERP related metrics (KD, Intent, SF, Results and SERP analysis) in real time. Click on Update metrics either in the upper right corner of the interface or in the SERP Analysis section. The tool takes about 5 minutes to update the data.

This feature uses your “Keyword metrics updates per month” limit. The number of times you can get fresh metrics for your target keyword per month depends on your subscription level:

  • Free - n/a
  • Pro - 250
  • Guru - 1000
  • Business - 5000
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  • Why do I see "SERP not found" in Keyword Overview?
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