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How to Track Mentions on a Specific Domain


Millions of people share opinions online every second and it’s almost impossible to be aware of everything that is being said about your brand. This is especially true when we speak about big businesses. The same applies to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry/niche news. 

Semrush is one of the tools that can keep you updated through tracking words and phrases you choose across the network. This is how you should act to track these on a specific website.

How can this be done?

  • Create a project for your domain or use the existing one.
  • Set up the Brand Monitoring Tool by selecting the countries and entering keywords that should be included or excluded from tracking (that can be, for example, your product name or your competitor’s business name).
  • Type the domain where you want to track the mentions into the filter bar in the upper menu and choose “in domains” in the Mentions tab of the Brand Monitoring Tool.
  • Hit the “Track domain” to add the domain to your tracking list or push the “Save filter view” to preserve current filter settings (this can help you track several domains inside one project). 

Brand Monitoring - track several domains inside one project

  • The tool will check new pages on the web sites from your tracking list once per day and show you new mentions from these domains. You will be able to discover them in the “Resources” tab. 
  • You can also add the domain in the ‘Resources’ tab directly. Then, click on the number of mentions found to study them in detail.

tracking resources in Semrush brand monitoring

Currently up to 10 resources can be tracked for each campaign.

This can be extremely helpful if you need to check how your brand (or any keyword) is perceived  on an industry-specialized site or a local news portal.

How to work with mentions on a specific domain

You can analyze your brand’s behavior within a particular niche or online resources, which is crucial for marketing specialists:

  • Track and answer your (or your competitors’) brand mentions (you can choose the sentiment in the filter settings) on the popular industry websites to gain a reputation
  • Watch the niche and industry news/updates/trends you are particularly interested in (e.g. new product releases).
  • Find relevant Quora questions you could answer to attract attention to your business
  • Find out what people are saying on Facebook about your site by entering as a domain filter
  • Discover articles you could comment on the target blog to gain thought leadership and earn the reputation of an expert.
  • Monitor your own resources for specific keywords/comments (e.g. baseless criticism from competitors).
  • Build links from target websites (if you spot a mention of your brand without a backlink, you can send it to the Link Building Tool right from the Brand Monitoring and use the automated outreach functionalities of the latter to contact the website’s owner and ask to add the link).