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Tracking Brand Monitoring Resources


In the Resources tab of Brand Monitoring, you will be able to analyze individual websites that mentioned your branded keyword. By tracking a domain, you’ll be able to follow how many mentions they give you over time and even copy a tracked domain to another campaign.

Tracking Domains

To track a domain, go to the mentions tab of your campaign and find the“Track domain” button located at the bottom right of a mention. You are able to track up to 10 domains for each campaign.

Tracking Brand Monitoring Resources image 1From here it will be moved over to the Resources tab. In this section, you can see the source, the name of the domain, the number of mentions and an action to copy this tracked domain to one of your other campaigns.

Resources Tab

The Resources tab includes info on all of your tracked domains as well as the domains marked “irrelevant” or “my resource.”

Tracking Brand Monitoring Resources image 2

You can view all of the various times you were mentioned by that domain by clicking on mentions. However, keep in mind that the number of mentions displayed in the resources tab is for the all-time date range.
You can also label your domains as irrelevant or your resources (for mentions from your domain) in the Mentions feed.

You can also manually enter a domain to track (even domains not found by Semrush yet) by clicking on the blue "Track resource" button at the top right of this tab and entering a domain name.

After you add any domain to track, Brand Monitoring will automatically be searching for new mentions from it on a daily basis.