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Content Marketing Analytics Tools

Analyze your content performance in just a click and easily identify which assets need to be improved. Discover new opportunities for adjusting your content strategy and driving better marketing results.

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  • Content Audit

    Audit your content assets and automatically break them down into sets for further improvement. Find pieces that need to be updated, rewritten or deleted using Google Analytics, Search Console and Semrush data.

    Content Audit
  • Post Tracking

    Measure the performance of your external publications or your competitors’ articles. Track social engagement, backlink count, referral traffic coming to your website and keyword daily rankings of your content.

    Post Tracking
Gill Andrews about Semrush content marketing analytics toolkit

Gill Andrews

Copywriter and Web Consultant

“Running reports on several tools, creating spreadsheets, digging through endless columns of numbers – this sounds like some major undertaking you would need to take 3 days off for. You just want to know which content pieces you could optimize to get more organic traffic, right? And that’s exactly what the Content Audit tool tells you.”

Measure Your Content Performance Easily with Semrush Content Tools

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