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Content Collaboration Workspace

Organize and track your content by projects, topics and campaigns and get feedback from your team members or clients easily.
Available for both one-time orders and subscription plans

Features List:
Content Collaboration Step by Step
Step 1.
Get your teammates on board
Get your colleagues on the same page when it comes to outsourcing your content. Invite up to three people to your Marketplace workspace and let them place orders, review delivered content, and assign it to relevant projects.
Step 2.
Catalogue your content in projects
Categorize all your ordered content and align it with projects or campaigns you can quickly get back to. Create a new project with a single click and give it a name that will be self-explanatory for you and your team. Drag any piece of content or a brief template from the list and drop it in the project. Easy as pie!
Step 3.
Let your teammates have an impact
Encourage your teammates to hone your brief templates. Let them review every piece of content and leave comments for the copywriter to polish it up. Make the most of unlimited revisions to get content you’re entirely happy with.
Step 4.
Order from your favorite writers
Mark delivered content orders that you like most, and assign your future briefs to those authors. All content will still remain white label!
Discover Your Team Content Collaboration Workspace
Your content writing is all under control
With Semrush Marketplace, you create one space to order, review, and collaborate on articles, product descriptions, emails, ebooks, and more.
Nothing gets lost
Divide your ordered content by projects, clients, or campaigns to easily track everything that has been created for a particular case.
Get all stakeholders in sync with content creation
Once the content piece is ready to check, you can easily invite your business partners, clients, or team members to work on it.
Why Our Team Collaboration Workspace?
Scale up your revenue with 5-star content
Looking for ways to expand your core offerings? Make the most of the Semrush Marketplace to produce content formats you don’t have hands-on experience with; and our team collaboration workspace is here to help you showcase the quality to your colleagues and clients.
Streamline team collaboration
Get everyone on the same page. With Semrush Marketplace, you can unlock the way to produce any content without sacrificing quality. But don’t take our word for it. All your team members can get quick access to review delivered content.
Get your clients’ feedback easily
Your digital agency is growing, your projects are piling up, and you need to increase your writing output? Semrush Marketplace will be your wingman. Get those articles, product descriptions, and ebooks written on schedule, and let your clients check them out in one convenient place.
Who is the Team Content Collaboration Service for?
For individual digital marketers and SEO consultants who want to take care of their clients’ content production in a smart way. Once the blog post or email newsletter is ready, invite your clients to see if they’re happy with the result.
Marketing and Content Teams
For effective teams who work at full capacity but need to shift into another gear with content creation and find an intuitive team collaboration tool. With this content workspace, your team members can easily get their hands on delivered content and move the process forward.
Enjoy more benefits with a subscription

Upgrade to our monthly or annual subscription and get a discount on every order plus:

Express order
Are you behind schedule with your content? Once a month, you can get your content in half the usual time.
Unlimited revisions
Feel that your content piece still needs more love? Get it revised until it’s spot on.
White-label content approval links
Your content, your rules. Invite clients and teammates to review it. Resell it or publish it in the media of your choice.
Media stock
Millions of royalty-free visuals at your disposal.