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Recurring Content Orders

Content creation on autopilot.
Available for both one-time orders and subscription plans

Features List:
Ordering recurring content is as easy as that
Step 1.
Create a brief template
In the user area, define the recurring content length, topic, tone of voice, and other characteristics.
Step 2.
Define content delivery frequency
Set a template Scheduler to trigger a new content creation flow at regular intervals.
Step 3.
Adjust the flow when necessary
Whenever you need to change the topic, keywords, or delivery frequency, just make the corresponding adjustments right in the template.
Content Delivery Scheduler
Recurring Order Notifications
24 hours prior to the scheduled submission date, you get an email with your order info, and a link to make adjustments to the brief if needed.
Order Auto Submission
24 hours after the brief creation your order will be auto-submitted. You can also submit it manually.
Recurring Orders Payment
All recurring orders are paid with your account limits. If you’re out of limits, your brief will not be processed and stay as pending.
Order Cancellation
Recurring orders can be easily canceled anytime by clicking the “Stop Order” button right in the Template settings.
Why Order Recurring Content?
Streamlined Your Content Production
Save time on filing multiple briefs, searching, and managing copywriting resources. With the set-and-forget Template Scheduler, you just place a recurring order and start getting fresh content for your blog on any topic, on a regular basis.
Get Your Content Editorial Plan Going
Bring more structure and consistency to your Editorial Calendar. Get ready-to-publish high-quality content weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Update the brief when needed, or cancel your recurring order anytime.
Build a Loyal Audience
Meet readers’ expectations by delivering regular content updates. Regular blog posts, digests, industry news and updates will help you keep your audience engaged, build relationships and loyalty.
Scale your Content Predictably and Climb the Search Engine Ranks
While your pillar content tells Google what your site is about, the supporting topic clusters can show it that you know the subject inside out and deserve higher rankings. With the recurring order functionality, you can regularly get new content on any specific topic, expand your topic clusters, and progress in SERP.
Enjoy more benefits with a subscription

Upgrade to our monthly or annual subscription and get a discount on every order plus:

Express order
Once a month, request an article and website copy to be delivered in half the usual time.
Media stock
Choose from millions of images, and download as many as you want.
Team collaboration
Review works in progress and collaborate with clients or colleagues.
Unlimited revisions
Request as many as you need.