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Competitor PR Monitoring

Take a holistic approach to media monitoring — track your competitors’ mentions as closely as your own. Stay alert to the audience’s sentiments, your rivals’ internal shifts, and your business’s competitive landscape with PR monitoring tools

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  • Brand Monitoring

    Scan social and traditional online media for your competitors’ mentions. List the topics that encourage organic sharing among the target audience. Find relevant backlink providers and influencers to support your brand reputation.

    Brand Monitoring
  • Post Tracking

    Measure the effectiveness of any external publication with Semrush’s competitor tracking software. Broaden your PR impact based on digital monitoring.

    Post Tracking
  • Social Media Tracker

    Analyze your competitors’ content and user activity on social media to gather insights and creative ideas for your own campaigns. Speed up the process with Semrush’s monitoring tool.

    Social Media Tracker

Monitor Your Competitors’ PR Activities with Semrush Tools

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FAQ on Semrush’s Competitor PR Monitoring Tools

Does Semrush have any tools to review my backlink opportunities more closely?

Semrush has a dedicated Link Building tool that helps you handle the entire link building campaign — from identifying your backlink opportunities to successfully reaching out to them and tracking your backlinks over time.

If you already have a long list of platforms you could contact with a backlink request, you may need to review them as described in our Knowledge Base guide .

Can I track my own brand’s mentions with the Brand Monitoring tool?

You can certainly use the Brand Monitoring tool for checking your own mentions across digital media. Please refer to our Knowledge Base for more detail.

How can I estimate the amount of traffic that a guest post will potentially generate?

You can rely on one of the Semrush options, depending on how precise you need to be. Brand Monitoring marks monthly traffic from the platform as High, Medium, or Low. This will be enough for a quick overview at the initial selection stage.

Traffic Analytics allows you to compare your media options with one another by the overall volume of traffic, as well as by its quality (user engagement metrics, digital marketing sources’ breakdown, and audience insights).