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Organic Traffic Insights

Uncover “not provided” keywords to increase your website’s organic traffic.

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Combine All Data in One Dashboard

Review the performance of your website and landing pages

See the data on your website’s performance such as Total Users, New Users, Sessions, Pages/Sessions, Avg. Session Duration, Bounce Rate, and Goal Completions for your website’s top 50 pages by traffic.

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Boost your rankings with “not provided” keywords

Get a detailed list of the keywords your website’s pages are ranked for, including hidden “not provided” ones, with a range of key metrics.

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Filter Google Search Console data

Click on your GSC keywords to have these sorted by type, position, clicks, impressions, or CTR.

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Set the tool in just 3 steps

Configuring Organic Traffic Insights takes just a few minutes.

Set up a project with your domain

Enter your domain and select a project name to track it easily.

Connect GA and GSC

Gather fresh data from Google and get the full scope of keywords to work with.

Choose location and device

Get traffic insights for a particular location and device to get precise data.

Discover opportunities to enhance your website’s visibility

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