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Brand Monitoring Tool

Track your and your competitors’ brand mentions online. Check the estimated reach, analyze mention sentiment, track referral traffic and evaluate your PR effectiveness

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Track Your Brand Mentions

Finding your brand mentions online can be a time consuming and monotonous task. But when done right, it allows you to assess your overall brand reputation, identify weak spots in your marketing and find new partnership opportunities.

The Brand Monitoring tool makes tracking and analyzing mentions fast and easy:

  • Track mentions online
  • Identify mention sentiment
  • Analyze mentioning resource authority
  • Get mentions when you need them

Track your competitors’ brand mentions to get a sneak-peek into their strategy, or track any industry topic discussed online to spot trends.

Evaluate Your PR or Marketing Effectiveness

When launching new PR or marketing activities, it’s important to track their progress to see if you are in line with your set campaign goals. This data allows you to immediately react to people's feedback by adding or changing your plans.

With the Brand Monitoring tool, you can quickly evaluate the effectiveness of your PR or marketing efforts:

  • Measure your estimated reach
  • Track referral traffic from mentions
  • Identify top mentioning resources

Using data both from your Google Analytics and Semrush allows you to quickly assess how your complete or active campaigns are going.

Discover Link Building and Promo Opportunities

Reaching out to mentioners is an opportunity to convert mentions into backlinks and begin partnerships with media and influencers.

Using Brand Monitoring, you can quickly identify the top influencers and media talking about industry trends, your competitors, or your brand.

  • Find mentions without backlinks
  • Identify top domains
  • Spot industry influencers

You can also find the top blogs in your industry and quickly analyze their share of mentions out of all blogs.

Compare Mention Campaigns

Compare your and your competitors’ mention trends and domains who talk about you.

Track Mentions from Specific Resources

Track up to 10 resources to spot mentions quickly.

Track Mention Trends

Track the mention trends of industry keywords or products and identify spikes.

Adam Connell

Content Marketer and Founder of & Funnel Overload

“Social listening is important. It can help you put out potential ‘PR fires’ and identify opportunities to grow your brand. The Semrush Brand Monitoring tool makes this easy.”

Track Mentions
Using the Brand Monitoring Tool

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