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Content Audit Tool

Automatically analyze subfolders of your website under custom criteria. Personalize your content audit based on real-time metrics from Semrush, Google Analytics and Google Search Console

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Automate Your Content Audit

A well-conducted content audit ensures that you have a plan of keeping all of the pages of your website updated and have all that is needed to rank high in SERPs and engage readers.

Define the scope of your audit

Content Audit lets you easily define the scope of your audit and find pages that need improvement in terms of ranking or engagement in a matter of minutes.

Analyze up to 20,000 pages

Analyze up to 20,000 pages of your website at once by selecting the subfolders in the sitemap provided by you or found by Semrush.

Combine your data sources in a few clicks

Combine Semrush data with Google Analytics and Search Console to get a full picture of how your content performs.

Metrics are updated in real time

All the Google Analytics and Google Search Console metrics are updated in real time, which lets you see if the efforts you make pay off.

Spot the weakest content easily

Find the articles that need your immediate attention by sorting and looking at all of the content metrics: traffic, backlinks, social shares, bounce rate, date of the last update, etc.

Keep track of the target pages and metrics

Track your own sets of URLs under selected metrics to align your content with your SEO and marketing goals.

Analyze Your Content in Sets

There’s a variety of ways you can deal with poorly performing content. To ease your routine, the Content Audit tool automatically breaks down your content into sets, based on what can be done to it:
  • Rewrite or removeSpot old articles (published more than 24 months ago) that have been getting few views recently and need to be rewritten or removed.
  • Need to updateIdentify old pages (published more than 24 months ago) that are getting some traffic that you could update to boost their rankings.
  • Quick reviewFind relatively new pages viewed more than 150 times in the last month and think about how you can improve them.
  • Poor contentSpot short articles of less than 200 words that action needs to be taken on.

Such grouping lets you quickly estimate the time and effort needed to perfect each set. Besides that, you can determine the parameters you want your pages grouped by and create custom sets.

Collaborate and Create Tasks

Content Audit lets you stay in control at every point of your content’s lifecycle. You can set tasks to be done to each analyzed page and assign these to your team members.
  • Create detailed task descriptionsAll you need to start working is to add a note or create a task for a piece of content. The current page’s metrics will be saved automatically for further progress tracking.
  • Collaborate and share tasksInvite your team straight to the Content Audit project or send the tasks to your Trello or Google Calendar.
  • Compare content versions and their metricsAfter you initiate a new workflow, all of the pages’ metrics and original content are saved so you can compare and choose the version that performs best.

With these functionalities, you’ll always be aware of the progress of your website’s content updating and optimization, as well as of the impact of the changes on the pages’ performance.

Customize Your Audit Table

Add your own columns and data to Semrush, Google Analytics and Search Console data to see the full picture.

Export Your Audit Results

Export the results of your automated content audit in an XLSX file.

Customize Your Content Sets

Determine the parameters that you want to group your set of pages by and analyze them in sets.

Gill Andrews

Copywriter and Web Consultant

Content Audit makes analyzing your content so simple, you have no more excuses not to improve it.

Audit Your Website Content Using the Content Audit Tool

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