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Marketing Calendar

Manage your content calendar and marketing campaigns in one place. Collaborate with your colleagues easily and track your campaign performance.

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Plan and Align Your Marketing and Editorial Activities

A well-planned marketing calendar is the roadmap of your marketing or content strategy,consolidating your project management into a single tool.

Semrush Marketing Calendar visualizes your plans and helps you keep control of the situation at every level, from a marketing campaign to a single team member’s tasks.

Using Marketing Calendar, you can get a bird’s eye view of your activities and ensure that they are all planned with seasonal specifics in mind and that you’re covered for content.

Plan your activities

Set weekly deadlines and goals, share files, add comments, and create recurring activities on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Manage your tasks

Create a checklist of steps to complete for each task, attach relevant documents, add tags to organize your activities, and set due dates.

Combine all your calendars together

Migrate plans from other calendars with ease via iCalendar files.

Facilitate Team Collaboration

Managing all of your projects from one location provides your team with a constant record of all task communication, preventing details from being forgotten or missed. This also lets you establish transparent collaboration within the team.

With the Marketing Calendar, each team member can see every task they’re responsible for in detail. In addition, they can track the current status of the activity they are involved in.

Distribute tasks between your team members

Share your calendar with your team to let members add new activities and tasks or edit existing ones whenever they want.

Keep up with project developments

Check the ‘History’ section to see all the changes that were made by you or one of your teammates.

Notify and get notified

Set up email notifications on task changes and updates for yourself and colleagues.

Track Your Campaign Stats and Performance

Monitoring and tracking your campaign’s success is as important as having a well-structured marketing or content strategy.

Marketing Calendar lets you understand exactly what works and what doesn’t. Using it, you can make informed decisions and readjust your strategy based on the results.

  • Monitor your progressAssess the state of your active campaigns and immediately react by adding or changing your planned activities.
  • Get data from Google AnalyticsConnect your GA and use UTM tags to track the traffic by source, goal completion rate, sessions, and bounce rate.

Share Your Plans with Your Clients

Share your calendar with your client or boss to approve your plans.

Streamline Reporting

Export all your activities to PDF for quick reporting to your client or boss.

Reuse Templates

Save your campaign as a template and use it again when you need it.

Jason A. Howie

Director of Demand Generation & Marketing Operations at Ambra Health

“With the Semrush Calendar, we’re able to adjust our due dates with a click and drag, as well as quickly reassign and update project statuses with as few clicks as possible.”

Manage Your Content and Marketing Activities Using Marketing Calendar

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