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Topic Research Tool

Find engaging content ideas based on your audience’s needs and discover new topics to create winning content for your content plan.

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Compiling an effective content plan requires resources, skills and time — you have to research your audience, competitors’ content, topic popularity and much more. Using the Topic Research tool, you can create a competitive content plan entirely focused on your audience’s needs and interests in just a few clicks. All you have to do is enter a seed topic to get dozens of topics and analyze their potential.
In detail, Topic Research allows you to:
  • Find the most popular topics
  • Discover the most engaging headlines
  • Find the most popular questions people ask
  • Perform content gap analysis

Discover the Most Popular Topics

Finding relevant topics for your audience can be a real struggle. The Topic Research tool simplifies your ideation process down to a few clicks.
  • Find the most relevant topics Sort topics by search volume to find the most searched topics, keyword difficulty to see the toughest keywords to compete for, and topic efficiency to get the most efficient topics.
  • Discover location-specific topicsSelect your location when entering a topic and find the most popular and relevant ideas in your area.
  • Find trending topics in your fieldFind hot topics that are trending over the last 60 days.
  • Check related topicsFind searches related to your seed topic and get more ideas for creating content.

Find the Most Shared Headlines around a Topic

Discovering an engaging topic is half the battle — next, you’ll have to figure out what type of content to create and come up with a headline that resonates with your target audience.

Topic Research allows you to find the best headlines based on the number of backlinks and social engagement around your topic in a matter of seconds.

Find the Most Popular Questions People Ask about a Topic

Content that brings value to your audience focuses on their needs and interests. One of the best ways to create content that resonates with your target audience is to answer questions they have.

Topic Research shows you popular questions people ask online around a topic, filtered by question words.

Perform Content Gap Analysis

Content gap analysis is an indispensable step when creating a content plan. It allows you to find topics that your competitors’ rank for and fill in your own gaps in a plan.

Using Topic Research, you can check which subtopics are covered on your or your competitors’ website.

Send a task to Trello or Marketing Calendar

Set a task and start working on your content ideas right away

Create an SEO template for a topic in no time

Create content templates in a click and get actionable SEO recommendations for your future article

Browse topics in a mind map

Discover ideas in the handiest and most creative way

Store your favorite topic and titles

Save your favorite topics and export them to XLS

Hana Bednarova

Founder of Bednar Comms, Digital PR Specialis

“I absolutely love Semrush Topic Research. It helps me understand what is out there, what are popular searches and what are the most popular articles related to my topic.”

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